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Andrew Gregg reviewed Fear Asylum — 5 star

October 1, 2017 · 

This Haunt is excellent for 2017.

In addition to old favorite specters and frights that guests expect, there is a theme this year that works well given the neighborhood's vibe.

One of the best parts is the anticipation that builds up on line even before small groups are ushered in. Customers of all ages act like elementary school trick-or-treaters as they sink into the proper mind-set.

No spoilers here, but there are about half a dozen of really arresting effects. These ghastly tableaus are truly enhanced by how well the young, spectacularly-costumed talent portray their vignettes.

Unlike some slick, commercial haunted houses, this operation has a charming, hand-crafted appeal that showcases volunteer spooks, many of whom are student-actors who are honing their performance skills.

I encourage customers to approach this event with the expectation to be scared, in the delighted sense, to suspend reality in order to enjoy the unexpected surprises, and to allow themselves to be transported to a state of mind in which being terrified is the point of all the fun.

Also worthy, is that his event is put on exclusively by volunteers, and the proceeds help fund local charity work.

So, get ready to laugh, scream, jump, and, above all else, do not rush: there are some very cool subtleties that could be easily missed as you are pursued by demons!

A survivor.

James Draper reviewed Fear Asylum — 5 star
October 22, 2017 · 

This was definitely worth the money and the wait! Best haunt for your buck by far!! They use all live actors and very little props to scare the heck out of ya and it works to perfection!! Heart pounding experience from start to finish!! I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a legit frightening experience and adrenaline rush!!

Judy A Pfeifer reviewed Fear Asylum — 5 star

October 29, 2017 · 

We go every year it keeps getting better and better than very year! This is one of my favorite events to go to every year! It is a must!!! The kids do an awesome job!


Immersive Theater

This is a well thought out haunted attraction. There is a continuous story that starts in the box office and runs seamlessly throughout. The success of the actors and set design in telling the story gives this attraction the feel of immersive theater instead of a run of the mill haunted house. You can really sense the commitment from the entire troupe. There is a blue haired gal whose deranged commitment to the role drove shivers down my spine. She makes you want to run home and take a shower. If what I was told in the box office is correct, all of these people are high school aged volunteers. If I had a complaint, it would be that a little better street presence would go a long way. I was in a group of about 20 people, and not a single person did not enjoy themselves.

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Posted October 2017


31 Haunts in 31 stopped by again and this is what they had to say~

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Ashley Lloyd  — 5 star

November 1, 2016 · 

Gaaah! I LOVE this haunt!!! It actually was pretty long, one of the longest haunts I've been though and I loved the decorations. I didn't get too scared and we got there right when they opened so the line wasn't too bad. They had live music while we waited which was rad! However, standing in line while surrounded by tweens definitely made me realize how much I am not a fan of most of them. I get that you are scared by a girl with a chainsaw but please do not run around and push people to get away from her.

Anyway, fabulous haunt and totally worth the price!! I hope to come back next year!

Troy Crivellone  — 5 star

October 31, 2016 · 

Unique haunt for sure. Great use of expansive space and creepy feel. Use of darkness and shadows was perfect and the actors were all excellent!! You cannot go wrong going here and the price is perfect. Continue to amaze me! Talent here is off the charts!

Chris Skelley  — 5 star

October 31, 2016 · 

This is the 10th haunted house I've been to this year. I've been asked by several people which is my favorite. Fear Asylum is by far the best and scariest haunted house I've ever been to and it's full contact! Highly highly recommended!

Robyn Yocom  — 5 star

October 22, 2016 · 

Super jumpy! loved how creepy the kids were, crawling around like disfigured things and the wall made someone in my group tinkle a bit hahaha! Lots of fun, I screamed and jumped constantly! Great job!


Here is what 31 Haunts in 31 Days had to say about us~


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Amy Buffaloe — 5 star

Very good! We had no idea what to expect. It was a lot longer than most haunted attractions I've been to, and packed with scary stuff from start to finish. Never been to an attraction that was semi contact either so this was cool. Very well put together!


Sara Kennedy Adams — 5 star

This was so much fun. Scary, well thought out, lots of creepy elements with surprises that don't let up. I wanted to stay in several rooms and just stare at all the details.


Miya Harris — 5 star

Was so awesome! Good job Milwaukie people. ❤


Tammy Entrikin — 5 star

We love Fear Asylum....
The actors there where incredibly scary ....
Followed us around and made up jump several times... 
I dont know who does the makeup but they really know their stuff . 
Got freaked out by the dead girl on the ground and the man standing over her....
Scared the be jeepers out of me .
I would recommend this to my friends for some Halloween Scary Freight Night Times . ..


Alicia MacArthur — 5 star

Scared me so bad I couldn't breath a couple times, and cried a lot, laughed a few times too . 
GREAT JOB to ALL the actors, 
Lots of scares and amazing acting. 
Sorry I was such a pain! 
Will come back next year to get the hell scared out of me and maybe have another panic attack.




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